Friday, July 17, 2009


The title of this post describes me to a T. (Why do people say that? Why not "to an X"? I am sure there is an explanation. If you know it, please, do tell!) We have had our house since the 2nd of July and all I have managed to do is pick the paint for the ceilings/radiators, the living room, and for the dining room. Pick them, not start painting them. That would involve actual work and there is always an excuse to put off actual work. Last Saturday my excuse involved driving to my parents house to pick up the drop cloths, the Wagner power painter (for aforementioned radiators), and to let the dog get some energy out, then going to Lowe's for ferns and Home Depot for paint. I still have not used the dropcloths or the Wagner. Or the paint. The ferns are hung on my front porch, though! Yay for the little things. So, my goal for this weekend is to paint the hallway connecting the dining and living rooms and to paint the ceiling in the dining room. Any more than that and I will feel overwhelmed. But hopefully I will be productive and get more done than that.

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