Monday, June 20, 2011

Quick Fix: Stove Update

I don't have a great shot of it, but the stove in my kitchen was two-toned.

This was annoying for two reasons; 1. the white on it was more of an ivory and it looked dated, 2. my other appliances are all black and it seemed awkward and out-of-place, like everything else had been updated and the stove was forgotten.

Saturday morning I had a haircut and I came home to this:

I don't know much about electronics and technology and all that, but I never would have thought the inside of a glass-topped stove would look like this!

Again, please forgive the fuzzy pictures, I still don't have a camera...

J took the entire stove apart, cleaned everything well, taped off the stove top and sprayed everything with this Rustoleum Appliance Epoxy from Home Depot.

It's amazing what a difference it makes!

It really does look like a brand new stove and I couldn't be more thrilled with the results! Start to finish the project took about 2 hours active time (dismantling, cleaning, painting, reconstructing) and he let the pieces dry for about 8 hours before putting it back together.

As you can see, I haven't started on painting the kitchen yet, although I do have the colors chosen and a tentative plan in place. We have been busy focusing on the dining room. The walls are finished, the ceiling is almost finished (we ran out of paint on the last coat, so I had to get another Quart), the medallion for my chandelier is painted (the paint crackled, so it had to be sanded down and repainted, then the dogs both stepped on it the second time it was drying!), he put the first coat of paint on the crown moulding on Saturday, and I *think* I have decided on curtains. Maybe it will be sorta finished by the end of the month!

Oh, and while I was out Saturday morning for my haircut I stopped by World Market. They have some really great products right now, I seriously could have spend hundreds (at least) on all the fab stuff I saw! Check out this gorgeous chair:

It was on sale for $179.00 and it was super-comfortable! I just love the colors and the little turned-wood legs, so precious.

I have been wanting this lamp for months after seeing it on the website:

But I hate the fact that it has a high-gloss finish. It's supposed to look time-worn and distressed, but then it's shiny? That doesn't work for me. It's looks matte online.

These dining chairs are gorgeous:

I love the ethnic vibe they have, but it wouldn't be overpowering. Plus, they are fairly reasonably priced for being solid, heavy wood with beautiful detailing.

I bought some fabric napkins that I had planned on turning into curtains for the kitchen, but then I got home and second-guessed myself, so they are still in the bag... Maybe they need some pom-pom trim or something to jazz them up and make them look less like napkins? I can't find them on their website, but they have a chartreuse background with pink, fuchsia, yellow, and teal floral designs on them. The problem I have with them is the stem details are dark brown and my cabinets and appliances are black. I HATE mixing black and brown (in my own home) and I really just hate brown in general, unless it's wood, leather, or a dog.
So I think I may return them for these instead. They still have the deep teal I need to bring in the dining room wall color and the yellow from the future kitchen walls, plus the brown seems to be minimal in this design. And the orange is really fun!
Although, I really love this design too, but they didn't have them in my store and I am afraid they will be too pastelly compared to the dining room. The yellow in the kicthen is going to be more of a pale, buttery yellow, so the curtains really need to *pop* to bring in some of the strong color from the dining room walls.

What do you think? What projects are you working on now? Anything you're trying to accomplish that's currently sucking up all your brain capacity? Do you tend to over-think every decision you make and everything you bring home?