Thursday, April 1, 2010

Remember when?

Remember a while back, I told you guys I had decided on a rug? It came in about 5 weeks ago and, sure enough, it was skewed enough to be noticeable.

This is only about a foot of pattern and just in that 12 inches you can see that on the left there is a small "ivory" triangle and on the right there is a larger "ivory" triangle with a "light mocha" dot in it.

It took me almost a week to go and see it (the binder guy is only there until 3pm during the week and he is about 20 miles from me) and I was not happy. Maybe it is unrealistic of me, but I feel if I am spending the equivalent of a mortgage payment on something then it should be damn near perfect. It took me three days to work up the nerve to call the woman at the place that ordered it for me (I do not like confrontation) and she was all "No problem, don't worry about it, I'll call you when I get an arrival date for the next shipment". I still have not heard from her. It's been a month. Of course.