Monday, August 30, 2010

Where Do You Blog? Par-tay!

I don't have a special place to blog. At the rate I'm going my office/crafty/sewing space is going to be the last space in our house to get organized and prettified. For now, I usually just hang out in our bedroom.

Which is still no where near finished. I matted and framed the prints for over the bed, but I am hesitant to hang them until I have both nightstands in place. In our house it's not as simple as popping a little nail in the wall and calling it done.
I found lamps at TJ Maxx that I love, but I hesitated and now they're gone. I also found a pair of brass lamps a few weeks ago in Ste. Genevieve for cheap that could be painted ala Sara and Jen and the whole blogging universe, but for some reason I didn't buy those either.... Ah, indecision...

I am joining in the Where Do You Blog? Party at Centsational Girl.