Saturday, October 3, 2009


So, I was reading NewlyWoodwards and Kim mentioned that a lot of people only blog the good stuff. And she's totally right. People wait until their entire project is done for the big reveal. While those before and after photos are always exciting and fun, they don't always represent real life. Or at least not real life for us. I still haven't finished painting the dining room (it's been a month), I still haven't finished putting together the furniture I purchased at Ikea (also a month).
Reasons? (And some excuses). I posted a while back about all the trouble we were having with our new dog, Dozer. After we got the new crate from his previous owners, it all got better. Well, Wednesday the electrician had to get into our house to install the wiring for our new lift tank for the sewer system. Mr. decided it would be a good idea to schedule a "spa day" for the dogs at Petco, so his mom wouldn't have to deal with them barking all morning. I get a call at 1:15, luckily I take lunch late, stating that Dozer had "attacked" another dog and I had to pick him up immediately. I go straight there, 10 minutes tops, and they tell me I can't have my dog, they called Animal Control. ANIMAL CONTROL! I worked at a kennel for nearly a year, dogs get in fights all the time, we never once felt it necessary to call Animal Control. So, Animal Cntrol shows up, takes my info, they go to give me Doze (I already had Gidge), and the officer goes "What is wrong with his eyes? Is he blind? Did he look like that when you dropped him off?" Um, no. Apparently the sprayed an "unknown chemical" in his eyes to get him to leave the other dog alone. This is what he looks like now.

The vet says he may have permanent damage. My mom's neighbor works at the Humane Society of Missouri and says we should take legal action, because there is never an excuse for them to treat a dog that way. Petco's claims department called me and asked if we want reimbursement for his medical bills. It's all very scary and grown-up.
So while some things are moving right along, others are stunted because I hesitate to leave him alone for extended periods.

What do you think we should do? Demand compensation for his medical bills or just let it go and hope he gets better?