Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Last Minute Problems

We are supposed to close on our house tomorrow afternoon at 2pm. Today at 12:30 pm the mortgage lender calls and says there is a problem. Apparently the appraiser (two weeks ago) decided that in order for them to loan us the money, the downspouts and gutters need to be replaced. The appraisal reviewer missed that when approving the loan. (Although, they approved the loan 2 months ago, so I don't really understand all of this anyway.) We now have to escrow 1.5 times the money they think it will cost to fix the gutters and they will release the money to us when the work is done. Problem is, it is going to cost us $200 to escrow the money. I know it is silly to get upset about $200, but that is just more money on top of the deposit and closing costs and survey fees and who knows what else. Most people to not have infinite funds. What happens to those people who can just barely afford the down payment and then one day before closing the lender or the title company goes, "By the way, give us $1000 more". I guess it would be irresponsible to go into such a major situation with no rainy day money, but I am sure people do it. I am just lucky my fiance has a good job and is responsible, otherwise I'd be screwed.