Monday, July 19, 2010

Menu for the Week of July 18th - 24th

Making a menu for the week really seemed to help me not buy too many perishables at the grocery store. I have been throwing away a lot less and, in turn, saving money. Always a plus, right? More money to spend on all the crap I want for the house! AND thanks to Jordan's comment about keeping the bread in the fridge, I haven't had to throw away any bread either! Awesome. 

The Pioneer Woman's Pot Roast w/baked potatoes
(This pot roast has become a weekly recipe. Mister LOVES it!)

Parmesan breaded Chicken breast w/ cauliflower and macaroni & cheese
(I buy the Kraft Whole Wheat macaroni and cheese and I think it's even better than the original.)

Leftover pot roast with rotini noodles

Bucatini with Shrimp

Maple-Soy Glazed Salmon w/ asparagas and roasted red potatoes

My little cousin graduated from college and we are headed to Kentucky for the weekend to celebrate!