Wednesday, February 23, 2011

(Not so) Temporary Insanity

I am borderline obsessed with books. I probably spend the greatest part of my salary (besides the mortgage) on reading materials. Borders is closing numerous stores in our area and my bestie and I hit one of them up to see what the dealio was. Their sale prices are unfortunately still higher than most Amazon prices... which may explain their need to shut down some stores. I still picked up a few books while we were there:

I did not need seven more books, but what can you do? lol

I LOVE Mary Janice Davidson. Her characters are goofy, fun, ditsy, and never too full of themselves. The books are never super-serious and they always end well. Until now. Dum dum dum. To my knowledge I have read all of her books and I have enjoyed every last one. But I had to force myself to keep reading this one. The lead character has multiple personalities and they are all extreme: 1. superduperridiculously nice, 2. bitchy and controlling to the max, and 3. insane. They know about each other, each one takes over when her particular "style" is called for, and she calls them her "sisters". It just seemed to go on and on and on and it just got stranger and stranger. Personally I felt the ending was anticlimactic and contained gratuitous unnecessary violence. I actually would return it, if all the books weren't final sale.

I haven't read Holly McQueen or Jill Mansell yet, but they both have, what sounds to be, a good plotline.

I really like Jennifer Weiner's writing style and story telling abilities. She writes characters who feel like they could be your best friend, complete with 20 extra pounds and neurosis. With the addition of these three I have all of her books and have never not enjoyed one. I'm currently halfway through The Guy Not Taken and it is cute, fun, and not too light.

Christopher Moore is hit and miss for me. He has a series of three contemporary vampire books that I really enjoyed, but I couldn't get into Lamb or Coyote Blue. So we shall see about The Stupidest Angel. 

Have you bought any books lately? What are you reading now? Next? How do you choose what books to buy?