Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Apparently the ShoppyBag email program that has been flying about is a virus. I received it, opened it, and accepted it. I haven't had any problems so far, but you may not want to open any emails that say "Your friend is a member" or "You've been invited" or whatever for awhile. Just a heads-up. I apologize if I caused anyone else any ill effects by allowing it into my address book.

Etsy Crazy!

My cousin is turning 18(!) on February 18th!

(Second from the left)

(That's Mister's bike)

She loves fashion and she's funky and eclectic. Remember I told you she made her own dress for Thanksgiving?

I got her a book on sewing knits and the Sartorialist, which she saw on my coffee table and started looking at when she came over and I wasn't paying attention, so at least I know she'll like it!! And she loves headbands, so I decided to get her a fun headband from Etsy. It took me days to make a decision, there are so many fun options... I love Etsy! Here is the one I finally picked:


Pretty, right? I hope she likes it! 

While I was looking at stuff for her, I found stuff for me to! Etsy's going to be my downfall...

Pretty Thistle Birds Pillow Cover

Cotton Pink Pillow Covers (Pair)

I also bought some prints for the Living Room. I want to do a gallery wall behind the TV console, just as soon as I decide what color to spray my frames: white or silver? What do you think?