Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Master Bedroom Progress

I have decided there will never be anything to call a finished "Before & After" here at the Little Pink House, only "Before & During". Remember how I talked about my inability to follow-thru with anything? Well, it doesn't seem to be improving.
I can't find any beside tables that I like or can commit to, I haven't found lamp bases, and I haven't hung the art I have for the room. I did find lamp shades and throw pillows that I absolutely adore at Target a couple of weeks ago, though. I also purchase the Pottery Barn Woodland Organic Duvet Cover on Ebay recently, but I still have to get the shams. There is a reason I don't normally buy things on Ebay; there is no return policy (usually). I should have looked at the bedding in person before I ordered it, there is a lot more brown in it than I realized. Oh, well. Shockingly, Mister actually likes the Duvet Cover. I really thought he was going to hate it!
Anyway, here is a glimpse at where our Master Bedroom is currently.

Things that still need to be done:

*Add trim to the curtains.
*Make or buy Roman Shades for the "radiator season".
*Make a black and white cover for the dog bed.
*Organize the bookshelves.
*Find nightstands.
*Find lamp bases.
*Hang art.
*Decorate the top of the bookshelves.
*Buy Woodland shams to match duvet cover.