Thursday, May 27, 2010

I want a couch!

Currently we have two chairs in our living room.

We watch a lot of movies and sharing a chair with a dog is not always ideal.

I would really like a small couch/loveseat/settee to put against the window. The chairs can move opposite the fireplace.

If you haven't already heard about Custom Sofa Design, you should check out their website. They have quite a few yummy options for a good bit less than their competitors! They give you fabric options, some designs have custom size options, and they have a link that says "Make it Eco-friendly".

I think this one has potential.

64" long - $649.00.

This one is funky.
Custom length - $749

I really like this one, but I am afraid it's too modern for us.
Custom Sofa Design Paramaunt Loveseat
Custom length - $549(!)

I thought this was beautiful, but maybe a little too "bordello"? Or is that just the red velvet talking?
 Custom Sofa Design Provencal Loveseat
Custom length - $749

This one is my favorite.
 Custom Sofa Design Bianca Loveseat 
79" W - $849

I think this one may be the best option for the big picture.
Custom Sofa Design Harlem Loveseat
72" W - $649

I also really like this beauty from Crate and Barrel:

60" W - $1,599(ouch!)

And this loverly beaut from Macy's, although the loveseat looks a bit stumpy:
60" W - $649

Check out this bad boy - Looks like something from Alice in Wonderland (This is totally what I would have chosen if you had asked me from the ages of 14 to around 22. Righteous, dude!):

Custom Width - $849

So, ladies, what do we think? Which one of these is the best match for our space? I would have whatever we chose covered in a medium-to-dark grey fabric. (Microfiber? Ultrasuede? Linen?) It would be nice if it would not totally clash with the leather sofa that currently resides in our basement:

This is our old house, since I can't find a photo of our basement. The sofa is chocolate brown leather, slightly overstuffed, with bun feet and nailhead trim. Hmmm... Maybe we should just see if it fits. What do you think? (Man, I miss my old house)

P.S.: Nobody paid me to plug any brands here, nor do I claim good quality on any of these options.