Thursday, March 10, 2011

Linky Party Recap

Since my Linky Party was really more of a Linky Gettogether, I figured I would go ahead and feature all the projects submitted.

Esudano showed us her fab backsplash DIY, which she did all by herself! A project this detailed, especially one involving tile, would have me running for the Mr. faster than you could say "grout".

Pretty great, eh? I love the colors she chose.

The Cape on the Corner decided to showcase her ridiculously amazing sunroom makeover:

That skylight is to die for. And don't you just love that white chair in the corner? There are a pair of them and they are from a yard sale! Why don't I ever find stuff that cute at yard sales?

Living in Lovely LaLaLand is in the middle of a bathroom remodel. Look at this cute secret note they left for future homeowners to discover:

I would love to find something like that while remodeling our house!

Check out all the hard work and elbow grease that went into this free desk re-do at Home in the Country:

I love that they actually took the time and effort to strip it down and refinish it, as opposed to just slapping some new paint over the old. It looks beautiful, no?

And last, but not least, from my neck of the woods (sort of), a master bedroom breakdown over at The Pendleton House:

I wish my closet were that big! I can't wait to see how it all comes together.

Thanks for joining up ladies!