Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Short List

I mentioned two weeks ago that I am in the process of trying (sometimes in vain, it seems) to get my things organized at K's house. He's a bit of a hoarder, so there's not a whole lot of space, even with the sizable square footage of the house. I made a little list of somewhat minor things I need to accomplish, which will hopefully allow me to feel slightly less disorganized and possibly more settled and at home.

  • Paint a bench for the foyer (I found it in the garage, score)
  • Paint and maybe add a little sparkle to some coat hooks I ordered for the foyer
  • Repack some items that will go in the china cabinet that has yet to be relocated to the foyer (K unpacked a multitude of boxes one night, in a fit of insomnia, and my trinkets and pretties have been cluttering the kitchen countertops for weeks now, driving me slowly insane.)
  • Move china cabinet from the basement storage area to the foyer
  • Paper/decorate back wall of the china cabinet (he won't let me paint it and it's depressingly dated)
  • Possibly get new hardware for the china cabinet(?)
  • Unpack and position items in the china cabinet, along with some of K's things
  • Paint curtain rods in the master bedroom
  • Iron and hang curtains in the master bedroom
  • Eventually remount curtain hardware in the master bedroom higher and wider
  • Try out the paint dipped trend on the hall table I painted back in 2011
  • Dismantle and "remantle" my Expedit shelving unit in "my" bedroom upstairs (the unit is too big to fit up the staircase, it needs to be taken up in pieces. I am lazy. Shocker.)

As I'm typing, I keep coming up with more and more and more and more things to add to the list... Ugh. I really hate moving and reestablishing, in case I hadn't mentioned that before. You'd think I'd stop doing it.