Friday, May 20, 2011

Boxes, Boxes Everywhere

I thought you might like a little peek into the ridiculous disaster that is my current living situation.

Here's the view from the front door into the DR

If you look right instead of straight ahead 

The "Office"/ 2nd Bedroom, view from the living room

"Office"/ 2nd Bedroom, view from the Master Bedroom end (if you look carefully you will see a sad pittie in her crate)
Master Bedroom
I want to paint the bedroom, so I am hesitant to bring the bookshelves in yet, so everything is in still in boxes and piles. Plus, I want to upholster the bed and it seemed silly to put it together just to take it apart to upholster it, so none of my under-the-bed storage is in use, so I can't find anything and everything is a big, huge, GIANT cluster... Ahhhhh!!!

The Breakfast Nook
I bought new pendants, but need to paint the ceiling before I can hang them...

Rest of the Kitchen
I have the paint for the bottom half of the walls (BM White Dove, why mess with a solid choice?) and the millions of holes have been spackled, so we shall see what I accomplish this weekend. Probably not much... Tonite I have dinner with my parents, tomorrow a friend of the ex-Mr.'s (who will heretoforth be know as G) and I is having a get-together and he will be out of town, so I feel like I should go, and Sunday I have to go out to the old house and play with Dozer for a while. I may bring him back to the house for a while to start getting him acclimated. G has decided that it would be best for Dozer if I take him! *happy dance* But unfortunately I don't even have an occupancy permit yet (shhhh), so I can't bring Dozer's big oak containment crate (which I have big plans for, that involves lots of paint and some chicken wire!) over just yet. A few things didn't pass the sellers inspection at the last moment and they were still in the process of fixing them, but they are done now, so hopefully Monday.

The disaster of my DR
You can see a table under all that if you look close! I didn't even want the table and chairs, but G's mom got him an antique maple DR set complete with a 6 foot long sideboard/buffet... Exactly what I've been looking for, I speculate, and I find it highly suspect that she just suddenly came across this great, awesome deal now... ; D   I bought a chandy for the DR and the paint for the ceiling, so job #1 needs to be move all this shit downstairs into the basement so's I can get my paint on.

I found this amazingly hideous piece of wonderment at a junk/antique store in Grafton a few weeks back and I couldn't leave it behind!

It's hand embroidered and signed from 1973! The colors are beyond amazing and are my inspiration for the house. I know, it's ugly, but I think it's super-fun and I just love that it's one of a kind! Plus, it's like Puck or something! Surely that adds a little sophistication to it, right?! That's what I thought.

I plan on putting it in the DR, right on the side of the Bergsbo cabinet.

I haven't decided if I'm going to paint the frame or leave it gold... I'm afraid any other color with detract from the embroidery. Although it does have an equal amount of silver thread in it, so maybe I'll silverleaf it.

What do you think I should tackle first? Can you believe I've been here two weeks and have accomplished next-to-nothing? Go me! Score one for the laziest girl in the world!