Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Phonophone II

How freaking cool is this?

I want one! It holds your ipod and somehow magnifies the sound from your earbuds.

Somebody find me a cheaper option! I cannot believe that no one has come up with this idea before now. It's seriously equal parts hilarious and brilliant....

Weekend Recap

Thursday I took a half-day from work so we could sign the papers for the new house. We had to get it done early because we went to the Willie Nelson, John Mellancamp, and Bob Dylan show that evening. I love Willie Nelson, but he is not really a loud, outdoor venue kind of artist. John Mellancamp has never wowed me as an artist, but I have to say, he puts on a fantastic show! He is very high energy and bounces around quite a bit. My mom told us that he is only like 5'4", does anybody know if this is true? He definitely looked small, but we were pretty far away.

Friday we didn't get much done... Lolled around for a while, took the dining room table out to the new house, then we went to the 1st Annual Crawfish Cookout at Off Broadway. They had all-you-can-eat crawfish, cookies, corn, and gumbo. Yum! There were a ton of people... obviously. Free food brings out the masses. There were three bands, two were great. The first band was a bit strange. They formed a conga line from the dressing room and chanted "Going to the beach" and stomped around the bar for like four minutes... The were all wearing swim trunks and 60's style beach get ups and they were all covered in glitter. You could see their trail all the way through the building... Very interesting. I forgot my camera or I would have some very weird photos.

Saturday we went out to the house to start cleaning and realized we had no water! Everyone kept saying "Did you call the electric company?" Nobody ever mentioned the water company, which is funny, because my fiance works there, so you would think somebody would have mentioned it. Nope. No water. Then our podunk water company decided to take Monday as a holiday as well... So we may have water this evening... Finally! Saturday evening we walked up the hill to the park above our old house and watched the county fireworks. I love bright flashes of light as much as the next girl, but what a waste of tax payers dollars....

I think real estate agents should be required to hand out a generic instruction form of things you need to do.

1. Make sure you have enough money for $3000+ suprises before/during closing.
2. Contact your insurance agent.
3. Contact your utility companies: water, electric, gas, cable, DSL, telephone, sewer, trash, etc... some will take a few days or weeks to begin service.

Sunday, we took jugs of water out with us to at least wash our hands and such. Our house has a cistern attached to the gutter system and the old owners had it cross-connected to the potable water for the house. So, if there had been a leak, we would have been drinking stagnant cistern water. Gross, right? So Mister had to cut all the pipes apart and re-weld them with copper, which took three trips to the hardware store. It's a good thing he is handy. I couldn't use the bathroom, since we had no water, so I kept having to go to the QT down the road. Tons of fun...

Yesterday my mom and her parents came out to see the house. My grandpa loved it, but grandma didn't seem so sure. It needs work, which I guess is easier for guys to overlook. We got the flors buffed in the living room, but that about all. Hopefully, when we have water and I can pee whenever I want, margheritas will make things go much smoother.

Does anyone know how to paint behind a radiator? The one in the dining room sits close enough to the wall to prevent a roller from fitting, but no so close that it will hide what I don't paint. Grrr...

Hopefully, one of these days, the house will feel like home. For now though, I am wishing we never bought it.