Thursday, November 4, 2010

Quick Fix: Walking in the Spiderwebs

so leave a message and I'll call you back

Quick! Who knows what song that's from?

This speedy little project didn't photograph too well, it just looks like the mirror is dirty (or cracked), but IRL it looks just like spiderwebs!

So convincing, in fact, that the Mister did a double take. He actually thought I had neglected to clean the mirror for so long it had developed cobwebs. Um... I'm pretty sure that would take longer than the few months it has been on the wall.

This was a superdiduper easy and quick little addition to our Halloween-time decor.

1. Allow your hot glue gun to heat up.
2. Drip a dot on one side of the mirror and pull slooooowly to the other side.
3. Place tip down on other side to catch.
4. Start again from the point you ended at.

It is also a very subtle decoration. I don't think a single person at our house for Halloween noticed it... Or at least they didn't mention if they did.

I think this was my favorite decoration in our house this year. A word to the wise though: If you do this project next year, don't drop the hot glue directly on to a painted finish. When you try to remove the globs, it will take the paint off. The inspiration article I had (I can't find it now) mentioned using a hot glue pad to start your lines, but I thought they were being overly cautious. whoops.

See those little imperfections in the paint?

So now I have to decide if I want to; a) repaint the mirror just like it is, b) distress it ala Debbie, or c) make it an entirely different color so I can paint the console under it a funky shade.

I think even if I redo it like it it, I may put a glaze over it to bring the brightness down a notch.

What was your favorite DIY Halloween decoration this year (in your house or someone else's)? What do you think I should do with the mirror? Do you have a favorite glaze that you have used?