Thursday, June 10, 2010

God's Country

We went for a little ride on Sunday with our friend, Dan (also known to the macho biker guys as Redman).
 Check out that sexy mullet! This was Halloween last year, but is not Halloween hair.

He took us on two ferries and through the hills of western(?) Illinois. (Whatever's directly to the east of St. Charles, Missouri. I know, geography and direction are not my strong points.) I wish I could get up the nerve to take photos while on the bike. I did get drunk brave enough to try it on the way home from the Thursday Night Ride this past week.


 I forgot to turn off the flash and Mister freaked out! Probably a good way to wreck the bike. Whoopsie. I just thought our shadow from the streetlights looked so awesome, kinda like this:

But in silhouette and, um, not so stereotypically "bikerey".  Oh, and with a passenger. This guy is too cool for a passenger, though; it would totes ruin his bad-ass biker appeal to have to cart around his old lady.... Check it, there's not even room for that biatch. That'll teach her to ask if she can come along...

 Anyway, some pics of the islands in the Mississippi (I think) and the river:



I want to live in that house up on the hill. 


 It was such a perfect day.

This adorable little farmhouse was at the entrance to the ferry. Can you imagine having people parked outside you house from 9am to 9pm all day? Ick.