Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Projects out the Wazoooo!

A while back a wonderful blogger wrote a post about DADD, Design Attention Deficit Disorder (I think that's what she called it). I cannot, for the life of me, find that post (google: you've let me down), but it was so funny. And it described our house to a T! She said you have DADD if there is at least one unfinished project in every room in your house. Check.

The picture on the left has two more coordinating prints. They are destined to hang on this wall above the dresser/buffet in the DR. This one has been sitting there since, um, January? They used to hang on our wall in the LR at our old house. Our new walls are made of some kind of mortar/concrete mix and things are much more difficult to hang. A hammerdrill is needed, no joke.

Mister picked up this dining room table on the side of the road about two years ago. We plan on staining the tabletop and the base espresso to match the buffet in the DR, we plan to leave the white part white, to tie into the corner cabinet. He has the bottom portion stripped and that is as far as it's gotten.

Speaking of the DR corner cabinet, this is what it looks like currently. About two months ago, Mister built me a "spray booth" in our garage. It doesn't have the plastic surround yet. He has been working 6 days a week and has been unmotivated to help me in his off time. So it sits.

You can't focus on finishing a project before starting another. Check.

Since the DR is at a standstill, I decided to start painting the bedroom. This what happens when you second coat the edges without mixing the can of paint. Grr. Damn my laziness and impatience.

The wall pictured above needed to be painted first so I could move the bookshelf onto that wall so I could paint the wall the bookshelf was on. Of course, I since lost steam, so that is still the only wall that is painted.

 Classy, right?

Meanwhile, I decided to use the hardware (knobs) from the cabinet redo for the bedroom furniture. Luckily, there were six knobs on the cabinet and I need two for the storage bench and four for the bookshelves. I used the left over blue spray paint from my mirror project to tie the color into our bedroom from the hallway.

Of course, being me, I neglected to spray all of them at once. So the other bookshelf still has these knobs on it.

Which are actually originally from this bench:

I switched the knobs between the bookshelf and the bench because you could see the bookshelf from the door and the knobs the bookshelves came with are ridiculous. Can you even spot them in this photo? What Swedish genius thought these were a good idea? I only had one bookshelf assembled so they switched out easy. The new/old, blue knobs did not actually fit into the stock holes, so I had to drill them bigger. Pretty simple.

The gallery wall in the LR is not finished yet either. Mainly because of the concrete wall problem. I am too nervous to use the hammerdrill without "adult" supervision and himself is never home. I guess it would help if I at least got it mapped out, but even that is difficult. The television "frame" that Mister is building for me is also in the basement-of-lost-decor-dreams. Without the centerpiece measurements, I am not sure about placement of everything else. So this is what the LR "gallery wall" currently looks like:

If you'll notice, I DID get Mooey Vuitton and The Squeal framed. Finally. I am going to have to invest in a mat cutter for the rest, since just these two cost me $152(they were weird sizes)! I already have the frames for the rest, I think, but just mats will cost me a fortune and I am officially out of money.

Time to start finishing some projects I have already started so I don't have to spend anymore cash. With one exception. See that rug in front of the media cabinet? That is for our "outdoor living area", which currently looks like this:

My brother and SIL passed down a patio set from my great-grandmother last year and I finally took it to the sandblaster yesterday. Then I will have to primer it, spray paint it, and polycoat it. None of which I have yet. Argh.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a spray primer that works well on metal? How about a spray topcoat that won't yellow and won't flake the first year?
Do you guys have a laundry list of projects that need to be finished? Is anyone else as pathetic as I am when it comes to flaking out in the middle of projects?