Friday, February 25, 2011

Fashion Friday

Have you seen the new bridal collection from Anthropologie? Some of the dress are not my style, but they are all amazing. A couple of my favorites:

I love that this one has straps and a crossover bust, very flattering. The butterflies are such an amazing touch! And I just love the pleated tulle under layer.
I always wanted a row of satin buttons down the back of my dress, like the old days.

Tea-length dresses can be superflattering if they hit in the right spot. I LOVE the poofy crinoline underneath!

The pinwheel detailing is gorgeous and I really like how the simple bow doesn't detract from the rest of the dress.   

The "bridesmaids" dresses are very cool and unique:

Cute, classic, flattering, and a little J.Crew, no?

Very classy, but a little young. Maybe for a junior bridesmaid? Oh! Or if one your bridesmaids was preggers. Very cute. 
Pretty sure this ones not a ceremony dress, but it would be spectacular for a guest! It's very '20's with a twist.  

They have some Amaaaahzingly gorgeous shoes, but they are quite pricey, IMO:

I die. If these were not 350 smackaroos they. would. be. mine. *swoon*

Lovely, simple, and something blue! Fun, fun.

Gorgeous, simple bridal shoes. I love the hidden .5" platform. Just a mini-lift, still classy.
I love these in the blush tone, as well. Not too pink, not too fleshy. Just lovely. 

Have you had a chance to look at the new collection? What do you think?