Friday, May 27, 2011

Inspection Frustration

So the house still didn't pass county inspection... Boo. Hiss. 

I was never given a list of things that needed to be fixed. I was, however, given the impression that everything was being taken care of by the seller. I was told there were four problems: cast iron plumbing needed to be fixed (done), there was a leak in the gas water heater (done), there was a broken window pane in the basement that needed to be replaced (done), and the utility room in the basement needed to be vented (done). So it takes the seller's agent another week (!) after this is all done to get the inspector out to the house, who then tells my father (I can't afford to take any more time off work right now, plus my parents are the greatest) that there was a list of electrical things that needed to be fixed as well (not done). Bastards. So it failed. 

Luckily the guy I am currently dating is an electrician and had all the (minor) problems fixed lickety-split!

Not so luckily, the inspector can't make it back out to the house until Tuesday!!! And since I'm not supposed to be staying in the house, I can't bring Dozer's giant crate over until after the inspection... Grr. I've got him again this weekend cause his daddy's going camping, so it'll be interesting to see how we work around not being able to leave him in the house and the temps being in the 80's (no leaving him in the car, either). Frustrating. 

We did get a coat of paint on the ceiling of the dining room though. No mean feat, considering I've been sick and have gotten the new guy (let's call him J) sick. Whoops. 

Here is the first coat with the DR light off:

Forgive the craptastic dreary morning iPhone pics... I still can't find my camera. 
And with my new DR chandelier all lit up:

It's just one coat and is for sure needs at least one more coat, but I think it will be a fun, blingy contrast to the peacock walls I'm hoping for. You can see two of the contenders under the window there. Oh, and we had to install the chandelier for the inspector... Obvs it's coming back down before we paint some more. 
Not sure what's going to get done over the weekend, but hopefully something!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Boxes, Boxes Everywhere

I thought you might like a little peek into the ridiculous disaster that is my current living situation.

Here's the view from the front door into the DR

If you look right instead of straight ahead 

The "Office"/ 2nd Bedroom, view from the living room

"Office"/ 2nd Bedroom, view from the Master Bedroom end (if you look carefully you will see a sad pittie in her crate)
Master Bedroom
I want to paint the bedroom, so I am hesitant to bring the bookshelves in yet, so everything is in still in boxes and piles. Plus, I want to upholster the bed and it seemed silly to put it together just to take it apart to upholster it, so none of my under-the-bed storage is in use, so I can't find anything and everything is a big, huge, GIANT cluster... Ahhhhh!!!

The Breakfast Nook
I bought new pendants, but need to paint the ceiling before I can hang them...

Rest of the Kitchen
I have the paint for the bottom half of the walls (BM White Dove, why mess with a solid choice?) and the millions of holes have been spackled, so we shall see what I accomplish this weekend. Probably not much... Tonite I have dinner with my parents, tomorrow a friend of the ex-Mr.'s (who will heretoforth be know as G) and I is having a get-together and he will be out of town, so I feel like I should go, and Sunday I have to go out to the old house and play with Dozer for a while. I may bring him back to the house for a while to start getting him acclimated. G has decided that it would be best for Dozer if I take him! *happy dance* But unfortunately I don't even have an occupancy permit yet (shhhh), so I can't bring Dozer's big oak containment crate (which I have big plans for, that involves lots of paint and some chicken wire!) over just yet. A few things didn't pass the sellers inspection at the last moment and they were still in the process of fixing them, but they are done now, so hopefully Monday.

The disaster of my DR
You can see a table under all that if you look close! I didn't even want the table and chairs, but G's mom got him an antique maple DR set complete with a 6 foot long sideboard/buffet... Exactly what I've been looking for, I speculate, and I find it highly suspect that she just suddenly came across this great, awesome deal now... ; D   I bought a chandy for the DR and the paint for the ceiling, so job #1 needs to be move all this shit downstairs into the basement so's I can get my paint on.

I found this amazingly hideous piece of wonderment at a junk/antique store in Grafton a few weeks back and I couldn't leave it behind!

It's hand embroidered and signed from 1973! The colors are beyond amazing and are my inspiration for the house. I know, it's ugly, but I think it's super-fun and I just love that it's one of a kind! Plus, it's like Puck or something! Surely that adds a little sophistication to it, right?! That's what I thought.

I plan on putting it in the DR, right on the side of the Bergsbo cabinet.

I haven't decided if I'm going to paint the frame or leave it gold... I'm afraid any other color with detract from the embroidery. Although it does have an equal amount of silver thread in it, so maybe I'll silverleaf it.

What do you think I should tackle first? Can you believe I've been here two weeks and have accomplished next-to-nothing? Go me! Score one for the laziest girl in the world!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The rest of the Reveal

Master Bedroom

2nd bedroom/ Office

Main Floor Bathroom
Finished Basement

Another section of finished basement

Basement Bathroom
To answer some questions from yesterday and give you some idea as to what been bouncing around in my head...

Yes, the kitchen is very, very blue and will be the first thing to be painted over. I already have the Killz and some BM White Dove High-Gloss for the bottom half of the walls to create a board-and-batten type of look, which I think will complement the age and style of the home much better than the contemporary spin she had going. I'm thinking either black or a pale yellow for the top. I know, totally opposite ends of the spectrum, but I want to eventually paint the bottom cabinets pale grey and take out the top cabinets and put shelving up instead and I'm thinking the black would be a really fun contrast.

The lighting will all be replaced eventually. She took the LR and DR lighting and replaced it with some basic "vintage" light fixtures, sort of the 60's version of the builder-basic boob light that is so popular in hallways. Again, I'm going to be going for an antique-ey/cottage-ey feel replete with some school-house-type lighting in the kitchen (maybe) and at least one simple chandelier.

The front door will also be painted sometime soon. I was thinking hot pink (anybody know where to find paint that color?), but not permanently. Just for fun, just cause I can. It's my own house and I can do what I want! lol  

I need patio furniture for the front porch, but that shit's pricey, so probably not anytime soon...

The leather couch from the old house doesn't fit in the basement, so I'm hoping to get an IKEA sectional sometime over the summer. Probably dark gray, ala YHL fame.

As of right now, my plan for the DR paint is peacock. A lovely deep, dark teal, but not too green or too blue. Maybe similar to Sara's entry, Joi's bathroom, or John and Sherry's guest room. Except that I've seen all the color options IRL now and I am not 100% happy with any of them for my space. I am leaning towards Sensual Jade from Valspar, even though the name is a bit... naughty? I don't know, dining room's shouldn't really be sensual, but whatever.

You can see some of my ideas on my Pinterest page, here.

I am obviously all over the place right now and totally overwhelmed, but it'll all come together eventually.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New House Reveal (Finally)

So it hasn't really been super crazy around these parts, but I don't have internet at the new house and I seem to have misplaced my camera in the shuffle (complete with bookoo{how do you spell that?} pics of the house), so I've been making excuses not to post, obviously. Since my camera is currently AWOL in the madness, I thought I would just show you the listing pics. The girl who lived in the house previously was somewhere around thirty (I think) and had a very refined sense of what she liked. Everything in the house was high-glamour/mirrored/retro/mod with a dash of crazy cat lady thrown in. Unfortunately the listing pictures don't capture the cat thing, but you'll get an idea of everything else.

Also unfortunately, you'll only get a taste of it today, because I am attempting to post this from my work computer and the formatting is all jacked up due to our cantankerous firewall or something like that. Hopefully I'll get the rest posted tomorrow. 

Front of the house, from the street

Back of the house, from in front of the garage

Part of the front porch

Living Room, front door immediately to the right

Dining Room, view from the Living Room

Kitchen from the Breakfast Nook, looking back into the Dining Room

Breakfast Nook, Fridge in Kitchen