Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I am a spaz.

Do you see what I am seeing or am I completely neurotic? This is only the first real day of painting they've gotten in and I am already unhappy. I understand that brush marks and wandering paint are inevitable (obviously, I am not completely insane), but these seem excessive. Especially since I am sure they are not going to lightly sand before the next coat.

Plus, the Mr. is P.O.'d because he didn't want to hire the job out to begin with. He thought he could do it all himself. Grrr.

My advice on hiring a house painter?
1.) Drive around in your town's fancy, upscale neighborhoods.
2.) Pick a few freshly painted houses with signs in the yard and call those companies.
3.) Get multiple bids.
4.) Don't listen to your real estate agent.