Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week #1: 111 Things in 1/11

This week I'm joining up at Words on Wendhurst for Jenny's 111 Things in 1/11!

We have soooo much stuff in this house that we don't use. Clothes that don't fit or are ridiculously outdated (Mr.), boxes in the attic that never got unpacked when we moved (this time or last time!), electronic equipment that is unnecessary, etc. For the past week I've been collecting things here and there as I go, things that are now destined for the Goodwill down the street. One man's trash and all that.

1 Large, plastic orange bowl
2 boxes winter window plastic stuff
1 box of 25 feet disgustingly cheap-o icky garland that I neglected to open before I purchased it on clearance last year
3 Christmas stocking from days of yore
1 Guess wallet that has outlived it's usefulness
1 polka dotty cardigan that I never could decide if it was black or navy and therefor never wore
1 travel coffee container that leaks
1 brushed silver soap dispenser that a particularly thoughtful ex bought me for Christmas (part of a set) years ago that now leaks
A bunch of random clothing that doesn't fit, doesn't flatter, or is ugly

I emptied one unpacked box from the attic so far and here's what's going bye-bye:
2 novelty ice cube trays that I never use
2 DHL stress balls which were giveaways from my awesome DHL guy at work
1 pack DHL rubber bandy bracelet thingies in the shape of everything logistics
1 pair (unused) rubber boobie lifters which are incapable of actually lifting my boobies... bastards

PLUS, I bought a box of these amazing awesome flocked hangers at Costco the other day (Costco is the devil):
They are phenomenal! (I almost typed "righteous!", but then realized that I am not, in fact, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle) A few years back I bought a few boxes of the wooden hangers they had, but they stopped carrying them before I could overhaul the Mr.'s closets as well. So I decided I would use these new hangers for my stuff, give him the wooden hangers, and get rid of the last of the mis-matched crap-tastic plastic hangers, which are stretching out the shoulders in his nice clothes...

So I did. Well, I only bought one box of these so that wasn't enough for all my clothes, obviously, but it was a good start. And they really are slim! I think I gained about 10 inches of closet space.

Unfortunately the wooden hangers are too bulky to work in the Mr.'s closets. Even with me disposing of a few (hideously pleated) pairs of pants and some (really outdated and over-sized)  sweaters and button-downs. The bad thing about having a guy who still has a 28" inch waist? (Besides the fact that the bastard is skinnier than me and can eat whatever he wants) He never feels the need to get rid of clothes, because everything still fits. We have been together over 4 years, he has 6 pairs of slacks that I have never seen him wear, but he won't get rid of them because they still fit. But he never looks at them and what he doesn't realize won't hurt him (and hopefully he won't pick today to decide to read this for the first time), so they went into these bags:
Shhh... Okay, so that's not all his stuff, some of it's mine too. So how about we call the oodles of clothes 10 things.

So that's a total of 27 things, so far. Not bad for the first week, but I've still got quite a ways to go if I expect to hit 111 in three weeks!