Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I gave in...

to the peer pressure and went to Target today to check out the Liberty of London goodies in person. IMO, the women's clothing on offer was hideous. Bad cuts, icky fabric, but I am a clothes snob, so... Actually, Mister would probably LUUURVE all of the options, he likes the boho hippie girls, which I am decided not. (Although the Jean Paul Gautier is REALLY not doing it for me either. Vomit. Seriously. It all looks like Halloween costumes.) So, if you're into the flowy, flower-power thing head to Tar-jay for your summer wardrobe! However, I was digging everything in the housewares collection.
I am particularly fond of the colors in the "sixty" floral collection, they go with my intended color scheme for my house! I actually was carrying around the lidded box and the media bin, but I had a rare moment of "grown-up" and put them back. *sniffle* I may have to go back and get them! lol I really want the pillow, which the website says my Target has, but I did not see. I did purchase the Pink Grapefruit candle in the "sixty" floral box.

It smells de.li.cious! Yum!

See the bunny in the photo? My mother has been purchasing a bunny a year for me since I was born. Unfortunately, I did not keep track, so I have no idea what year this particular bunny is from. Most of them are at her house, but this guy and a friend migrated over here.

I also purchased a new "doggie pillow" at Target today. I have been on the search for a pillow that is large enough to use as a LR dog bed, while still being "chic" enough to fit into the decor when the room is done. Which is kind of funny, because I am not sure anything in our house will ever be "done", or "chic", for that matter. I found this Woolrich 26" Euro pillow figuring the gray goes with the kitchen curtains and the bedroom walls (if I ever get motivated enough to paint them). I just realized Target.com say the pillow is brown, but I bought it and I am pretty sure it's dark gray. Interesting.
I was going to add a little blurb about how this is the third oversized "human" pillow I have bought from Target and how my royal pitties are too precious to put their butts on anything from Target based on this:

I have had to take back the other two pillows I bought, they wanted nothing to do with them. Then, as I am typing this, wonder of wonders!, I see this:

Then! Two minutes later, this!:

Hehe. This photo just makes giggle. I guess I found a good enough pillow. Maybe I will go get a second one...