Friday, June 17, 2011


It's that time again! Since I still can't seem to get back into the swing of things (work has been crazy, Dozer broke out of his impenetrable den, G wrecked his motorcycle and I had to go pick him up from the emergency room at 3 am), here's a snapshot into my life...

I've been contemplating cutting down these big bushy things in front of my house, then they went and bloomed. Any idea what it is? My real estate agent thought they were Lilac bushes when we looked at the house, but that is obviously not a bloom from a Lilac bush!

The three inherited hydrangeas behind the house have finally started to bloom, each plant showing multiple colored blooms!

Lilac and Green

Hot Pink on same bush as the first Blue
I have always had a thing for gargoyles. When I lived in an apartment I had a "Welcome" sign on the front door that depicted gargoyles. As soon as I picked this house, I just knew the front posts on the porch would be perfect for my very own gargoyles!

Forgive my inexpert way of covering up my address and the obvious need for tuckpointing.

I have a second one on order for the left side, which should be available for pickup tomorrow. I just love him. I know they are not for everyone, but every time I open the front door, he makes me smile. They will need names, though... Any ideas?

My new boy, J, had a bad day at work yesterday, plus some ex-girlfriend drama (which I can completely sympathize with), so I decided to make him chocolate chip cookies! Can you believe I had never made chocolate chip cookies? I told his buddy that and he was all "That's un-American!" lol

I used this recipe from Martha and they turned out really great! They are still squishy this morning, which is important, since I HATE crunchy cookies.

I just love this nail polish color, My Lifesaver, from (can you believe it?) Justin Bieber for Nicole.
It's my favorite and I get so many comments on it!

I can't seem to keep the dogs off the bed, no matter how many times I tell them "Get in your bed". They do, then they come right back to my bed as soon as they think I'm not looking...

Who could say "No" to that face?!

Well, that my week in a nutshell. We finished painting the dining room, but I still haven't found my camera and J still hasn't found the power cord for his camera and my iPhone is throwing the color WAAAAY off, so I still don't have pictures. Plus, I haven't decided on drapes and the crown moulding is not up yet... Someday.

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