Thursday, October 28, 2010

Master Bedroom Progress: Lamps!

I showed you guys these shots awhile back for Centsational Girl's "Where Do You Blog?" post.

In our old house we only had enough room for one side table in the bedroom and this was it. It was actually pink when I stole rescued it from my father's basement. Now I kinda wish we'd kept it pink... *sniffle*

So we had mismatched bedside lamps for over a year in this house because the Mr. didn't have a bedside table. I couldn't decide on anything. Plus, our bed is high and nothing was tall enough.

PLUS, I couldn't make a decision on lamps. I would find some that I kinda liked, not buy them, then decide that I had to have them, then they would be gone.

I found a pair of silver lamps at Sears that I loved, but one was missing the harp and the other had a funny golden hue to it.

Then I found an adorable teal pair at Home Goods, hesitated, and missed 'em.

Then a lovely cream double-gourd pair with a fun vertical ripple pattern at TJ Maxx's. They were gorgeous. I waffled for like a month, they had them the whole time... I finally went back for them and they only had one! I had them call every store in the city and no one had them... Sad, sad day...

I recently walked into Home Goods looking for something else (I have no idea what now) and the most wonderfully fabulous lamps ever practically jumped off the shelf at me!

They are high enough to read, they came with a huge, fun shade, and they look nearly identical to the first pair I wanted from Sears! Yay!

Mr. has a bedside table now, too. Post to come.