Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I need your advice!

The house is painted.

The front door is painted.

And the porch ceiling is painted.

Already blue, but there were some imperfections near the edges... 

Can you tell which is the new paint? I can't. 


I don't have an after photo, because I need your help! Since July of 2009 we have had two naked bulbs on our front porch. And not just simple, naked bulbs. BLUE naked bulbs. 

That's right. Blue. Why? I have no idea. The lady that lived here (Eleanor) was crazy (seriously) and there are all kinds of little unique touches just for her. Which is the way a house should be. But unfortunately naked blue bulbs are no longer working for me, especially since one of them is burned out.

So. Here is where you all come in. I need new light fixtures for the front porch. Mister and I do NOT agree on anything, so it's up to you. 

Here are some other views of the porch. 

From the front (obviously)

From the side (see the naked bulbs?)
Here are the current options:

This is the one Mr. likes (I hate it)

I don't think the stainless will pop against the ceiling.

 I thought oil-rubbed bronze would look best with the door hardware:

too weird?   

It's a covered porch. Mr. is an electrician and said it's not necessary to pick an outdoor light.

I like these for the back of the house, behind the garage.

 What say you? Any other ideas? What is your favorite light? Money is not an issue (within reason). Should you be able to see the lights from the front? Should they be totally flush or hang down a bit? Stainless or ORB with ORB door hardware?