Thursday, January 28, 2010

Never confuse motion with progress...

I have made a large dent in the living room. It is progress, but it is by no means done. I do have a plan. Sort-of. But here is my progress so far:



The curtains and the coffee table are temporary. I hate the giant wall-o'-white, but I cannot find curtains that complement my desired scheme and that flowered chair. I am thinking I am going to have to lean more towards slate/sky blue and sage/apple green, as opposed to turquoise and lime. I just don't think Mister is going to let me replace all of the upholstery in the house. I am hoping I will be able to have slipcovers made for the chairs, like this, because the dogs climb all over them and the green one lives under a dropcloth (classy, I know). Mister is super-neurotic about the dogs ruining something or scratching the floor... Whereas I am more like "Meh, whatevs"...

Here are some of my inspiration photos:

Mister would like nothing more than to superimpose this living room over ours... Our last house was definitely more "rustic chic" - I am resisting here though. It's hard to make pink rustic, right? 

Isn't this pillow adorable? And totally doable, even for the less crafty of us. I think this pale turquoise will work with the difficult grandma chair...  Hmmm... but maybe not with the green chair...


Apartment Therapy

I want to have some mirrors cut to fit the inside of our firebox and then put some candles in there. Mister hates the idea - he doesn't understand what is wrong with the faux-wood gas logs (our fireplace is not gas!). Blech. But he was also vehement about not painting the living room pink and now he likes it. So there.