Monday, January 3, 2011

Simple DIY Etched Candles

I thought I'd share a quick little project I did for my cousin's (and S-I-L) Christmas presents.

Start with a glass vessel. I decided on candles after finding out what their favorite fragrances are.Plus, I am a sucker for Bath & Body candles; they smell phenomenal and the company is cruelty free, as are all the companies they sell. Can't beat that!

Peel off the labels carefully, but quickly. If you go too slow of hesitate near the edges, they won't come off cleanly.

If there is an residue it can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol or Goo Gone.

Decide on a design. I went with their initials and a stripe around the top.

You will need some supplies: Armour Etch (do not buy without your Michael's or Hobby Lobby coupon in hand), a paintbrush, vinyl/painters tape.

I poured some etching cream into the cap of the bottle to avoid getting it all over my hands by dipping the brush into the bottle. It made it easier to see how much I was getting, too.

You really want to glob it on thick.

I did a tester one with my initial first and it ended up all streaky because I didn't have the etching cream on thick enough.

Now, would you believe that I forgot to take a shot of the finished candles? Doh! But here's my tester just to give you an idea.

See the streaky spots at the top and along the bottom? Meh. Good thing I actually did a tester project for once! The ones I gave away turned out really great once I got the technique down. I gave my S-I-L hers a day before everyone else and she was all "Oh. Cute". Fail. But then I found out later she thought I had bought it like that and didn't realize I had made it just for her, so apparently they look good enough to be store bought. That's good enough for me.

I figure these will be cute once they are all burned down to keep small stuff in; pencils, brushes, rings, acorns in the fall... Hell, I don't know, they've got to be useful for something right? Well, they smell great in the meantime, at least!