Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Welcome Fall!

I hate Summer. I hate mosquitoes and heat and humidity and the sun. Ew. Especially mosquitoes and the sun. We don't get along. I'm allergic to both. Blech.

It's a lovely 70 degrees out side. AND I CAN'T OPEN MY WINDOWS! It rained today, so the only think the painter accomplished was removing the screens and numbering them.

Whoopsy! Missed one.

See how dirty and weird that screen looks? I spent the entire weekend spray painting window screens.

The screen on the left is unpainted (gross right?) and the screen on the right has been coated in a layer of Rustoleum 2x Cover Metallic Aluminum. A.Maz.Ing difference, IMO. We have 19 windows (I think) on out house and it took me 7 cans of spray paint! Yikes.

But it was necessary. After 60-70 years of abuse, some of the screens needed mending. So Mister mended.

He took about 8 screens apart, re-screened them, cut new wood to fit, and nailed them back together. How did I get so lucky? I swear, there is nothing sexier than a man who can fix shit. But then the old screen, which had been pained white along the way, didn't match the new screens, which where aluminum screening from Home Depot.  I went to Home Depot twice over the long weekend for screening and spray paint. Which wouldn't be so bad except the closest store is 15 miles away! Ick.

But I also hit the mall while I was "running errands" and cleaned out Bath & Body Works. I love their candles!

They were having a BOGO sale on their large candles! AAHHHHH!

This guy wasn't on sale, but how could I resist his charm?

I thought I'd show you some of the colors we looked at for the house too.

The green on the left is Benjamin Moore Mohegan Sage. It looks divine on FC's house, but with the stone it made out house look like an army bunker. Not cool.

We also tried Sherwin Williams Thunder Gray.

In the store and online it looks like a lovely stormy, deep gray. IRL it doesn't look much different from the Mohegan Sage. I am beginning to understand why some lines label their paints with numbers instead of color names. Mohegan Sage is not "sage". At all. Not remotely.

The color we settled on is Benjamin Moore Gentleman's Gray. A beautiful deep, dark teal-ly gray blue. Yum-O!

I can't decide on a front door color, though. Any ideas? Mister thought a pale milky yellow (when we were talking Mohegan Sage), but I reallyreallyreally want a turquoise/aquamarine/teal. What say you, lovely decor advisors? Any color advice? Our porch ceiling is blue also, BTW.

I don't want the door and the ceiling the SAME color, but a slight variation on the same tone might be nice.

What color is your front door? Does anybody else have a blue ceiling in their porch?

Edited to add: Mister hates red front doors. FYI. I have no idea why. And black is out because I want a lion head knocker with the ring in his jaws and he is ORB. He needs to POP! He is adorable, BTW. And takes 12 weeks to order. Blah.