Monday, December 14, 2009

Give a Little Bit...

I recently learned about an organization called Kiva on the Design*Sponge website. Kiva "connects people through lending to alleviate poverty". It is a peer loan service for entrepreneurs in developing nations who would otherwise not have the means to further their business. I think it is important to support people who are striving to help themselves and Kiva gives you that opportunity. Plus, since it is a loan and not a donation, you get your money back within six months and you can then turn it around support someone else!

You can choose where who you want your loan to go to and you learn about why they need the money and how they will use it. I decided to loan to Evelin Ruth Juárez De Ramírez

Evelin lives in El Salvador with her husband and two children. She runs a clothing kiosk and the money from the loan goes to help her further her business. I just signed up and loaned on Friday, so it should be interesting to see the updates and stories about her business as they roll in.