Thursday, May 20, 2010

Have you seen this?


Parental Kitchen Remodel: In Progress

I thought I'd share some construction, or "During" shots. They may not be in perfect chronological order, so bear with me.

In order to have this wall removed, they had to re-position this HVAC vent. 

 Here's a view from the opposite side after they moved the vent, but before they tore down the wall structure.

After the studs came down. 

 Look Ma, no kitchen!

 Isn't this an appetizing shot of the dining room? 
Makes you want to eat dinner doesn't it? lol

Contractor replacing the drywall.

View of the beginning work on the island, shot from the dining room.

Further island progress and the pantry/bookcase. 

 View of the island from the laundry room.

The desk area. 

 The sink wall, shot from the laundry room.

Total gut kitchen remodels are looooooonnng process... I cannot imagine DIY-ing something this labor intensive.