Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mary Kay Andrew: Fixer Upper

I just finished reading Mary Kay Andrews book Fixer Upper. It's brilliant. I'm not great with fancy words, so the best anybody usually gets out of me is "It was funny" or "I enjoyed it" or "It's good, you'd like it". However, I LOVE Mary Kay Andrews as a writer. I wish she had 10 more books I hadn't read yet, except that then I would get absolutely nothing done.
I purchased the book yesterday at lunch at Borders. I cracked it open when I got home from work, then had to stop to cook dinner. I started reading again around 10 and stayed up until 2 reading. Mister had to work overtime this weekend, so he left early this morning and I have done nothing since but read. And I am telling you "You HAVE to read this book". If you look at Mrs. Andrews website, you'll see that she loves Interior Design and that really shines through in her writing. The descriptions are so spot-on you can actually see the room around you, you experience the work Dempsey is doing on her "fixer upper" house, and feel the contentment and appreciation for the hard work she has put in.
The book is wonderfully exhilarating; it gives you a ridiculously mixed feeling of benign guilt - the book sucks you in and makes unable to stop reading, while also making you feel so inspired by the transformation that you want to get up and redecorate your entire home! Read it, you'll thank me.