Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend Update

I signed up for Internet service that was supposed to start on Friday. Unfortunately, the representative neglected to tell me I would need a "dummy" log-in code to set up my modem and did not give me a 24/7 customer service #. So I am still without home internet service. Lovely. One of these days everything will fall into place.
I started deciding on colors for the dining room and living room this weekend. I know I want a pale yellow in the dining room and a tan that will coordinate in the living room, but there are soooo many options!! In our old house I just picked some colors, bought the paint and went to town, but I ended up hating the colors in both bedrooms. So this time I bought those fancy-schmancy tester cans. Good thing too... The color I picked out of this book, Sherwin-Williams Bagel, was seriously pink and yucky on the wall.

The pictures not great, it actually doesn't look to bad in this pic., but that may be the flash. It is really a pinky beige and I need something to coordinate with the yellowy-cream in the dining room.

An older man that I work with recommended Valspar Churchill Hotel Wheat, so I went and bought a tester. I love it! It is very creamy and neutral. I may decide that it is too pale once I get the rooms done, but it is perfect for now.

They almost look like the same color in the separate photos, but the wall shot with the paint smudges on the large blog shows the variation in better contrast. The walls in both the dining and the living room were a dull gray. Yuck! The house is sooo dark, it's surrounded by trees, and this bland color was not helping brighten things up at all. The funny thing is, when my grandparents came to see the house, my grandpa says "This is such a friendly color!". Really? Gray is friendly? I like a nice gray for a bedroom or a light-filled bathroom, but not for a dark living space. I need to bring some light into the space!