Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Book Reviews (Sort Of)

I am finished two of the books I purchased on Friday.

Mary Kay Andrews' Deep Dish

This book was highly entertaining, as are all of M.K.A.'s books! If I haven't already said it, she is my favorite author!Definitely pick one up next time you are at the bookstore. I think my favorites are Savannah Blues and Savannah Breeze, but that's because I am partial to character follow-up.

I also finished Christopher Moore's Coyote Blue.

This is my fourth Christopher Moore novel. It was engaging and the characters were well written, but it was not my favorite. I very much enjoyed You Suck and Bloodsucking Fiends. What do you call two books about the same characters? A book and the sequel?... A series?... I am not sure, but they are funny!


That means grandfather in German, but it is also the Greek word for cheer... My grandfather just celebrated his 80th birthday on the 18th!

We threw him a big party and invited all their friends, relatives, and all their old German cronies they escaped Hitler with. These are terrible quality photos, but you get the idea. This milestone was especially significant at this time. Two years ago, he developed a virus in his heart. The doctors misdiagnosed it for a year, he lost 70 lbs, and basically his will to live. In the fall of 2008, he spent more than three months in the hospital and nearly died, multiple times. Now he and my Oma know how to live with it (and cook for it, most importantly for them).

 My uncle and my cousin, Lauren, (right side of pic) came up from Kentucky for the weekend!

 My mother, my aunt, and my uncle giving the speech. 

And that's my grandmother at the bottom right.

Look how happy he is!

We had lunch and cake at a nice Italian restaurant. It was lovely and I think all of us were fully aware of just how lucky we are to still have him in our lives.

Is there anyone in your lives you are particularly grateful for? Or a milestone that has been significant in some way?