Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January's Goals

 At the beginning of the month I set some January goals.

January Goals:

Hang the gallery wall.  Nope. In fact this is what the television wall looks like right now. 
We hooked up the surround sound system upstairs so we could have the PS2 and the Wii hooked up at the same time and now the optical cable isn't flexible enough to remount the t.v. flush to the wall. Um.... Boo.
Hang art in the bedroom. It's been sitting on the dresser for 4 months now...  Yay!
Make a new coffee table/ottoman for the living room. Um, no. Not even close.
Make the leopard pillows I talked about last month. Nope.

 Eh, I didn't do so great.

 Oh and it only took me three weeks to kill our new plant friend.

 It doesn't look as bad in these pics as in real life, but it's totally and completely dead and I have no idea how. I followed the directions exactly. Meh.

On the positive side, our Paperwhites bloomed.
And boy, are they lovely.
BUT, they smell like ass. Seriously. The Mr. says they smell like manure, but manure smells like cookies compared to these. I would rather my entire house smelled like a farm in the heat of summer than these flowers...  Ugh. They are disgusting. Repugnant. Blech.

How are your 2011 goals coming along so far?