Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Wreath

I saw this wreath on Living with Lindsay last year and thought it looked cute. I know the concept behind it is two years old, but I don't care. I'm single-handedly staging an Egg-Wreath Revival! Join me, won't you? lol

I used a larger grapevine wreath, I think mine was 14" as opposed to 10", but I wanted to hang it on the front door and no one can see it anyway, so bigger is better.

This is the first wreath I've make that entails more than spraypaint and some fabric, so it did take me longer than the 15 minutes she proposes. But Lindsay is a Craft Queen, so she could probably whip up 5 wreaths in the time it would take me to make one...

I ordered the Quail eggs from Etsy. They all came individually wrapped in toilet paper and not a single one was cracked! I highly recommend the seller.

I used some burlap I had leftover from the media cabinet makeover for the bow.

But beware: if you are going to use Spanish Moss be prepared for a mess!

That's in addition to all the stuff that stayed on the dropcloth I was using!

Have you made a door decoration for Spring yet?