Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pitiful Patio

Back in April, I showed you our outdoor, above the garage, patio area:

As I mentioned yesterday, I got our patio set from the sandblaster. The Midwest has been insanely humid this Summer, so I opted to have them primed before I picked them up to avoid them rusting on the way home or before I got all the pieces painted.

I knew I wanted a lime green paint color, so I purchased 1 can each of Rustoleum Lime Green and Rustoleum Green Apple, because I wasn't sure which would give me a better color:

 The one on the left is Lime Green, the one on the right is Green Apple. I hate them both. Mister hates them both. Any ideas?
The fabric draped over them is the tablecloth I purchased.
This is the umbrella I want:

Here is the rug I bought:

Are there any other bright green spray paints out there?