Thursday, February 10, 2011

Flower FYI

You all know that when the Paperwhites / Narcissus begin to shoot up they fall over and need to be tamed. If you plant them in a small container or you plant a lot of them, tying them up in a bundle is fine. But, when you don't plant them right on top of each other it may look weird to gather them all together. My large container only has 4 bulbs in it, so they are nowhere near each other.

I thought tying them all together would look ridiculous and detract from the beauty of the flowers. So... I "borrowed" two small dowels from the Mr., cut them in half and used some kitchen twine to secure each sprout to a separate dowel.

Half of a dowel is not quite long enough once the plant grow to their height potential, but it works fairly well. Occasionally I will come out in the morning to find one lying on the tabletop because it grew out of it's plant prison.

I love that I actually found a use for this pretty twine that I bought.

Oh, the Mr. has taken to calling these "Butt Flowers" since they smell so bad. But now that they've fully bloomed the smell has dissipated. 

What do you use to keep tall plant stabilized?