Thursday, December 16, 2010

Made me a pillow...

I told you all on Sunday that I didn't get to make the pillows I had planned on for Kim's party, seeing as I didn't have a zipper foot for my machine. Luckily the sewing store near my house was able to procure one for me. I decided to start with an extra accent pillow I wanted to make, just in case I suck at using a zipper foot. Well, I do, but it was a good learning experience and especially taught me it's very difficult to sew stretchy, thick knit materials...

I saw this fabric at Hobby Lobby (shhh... in the baby fabric section) and I just had to have it. It's soooo soft, like almost baby bunny soft. Of course, since it's slightly furry and black it will be coated in dog hair in no time at all! Awesome.

The corners turned out really well, I was pretty impressed since I am impatient and didn't actually measure anything. I just laid out the cover I had that was the size I want and cut around it. My white chalk pencil wasn't cooperating, so I made due.

I love the texture on this fabric! Perfect for pattern-phobes like myself.

The zipper didn't turn out so great, but I'm inclined to blame the fabric and my inexperience. Next time I'll do better!  :D

What have you made recently? Have you ever tried to sew a zipper in stretchy fabric?