Friday, June 3, 2011


I saw this cute new post idea from Jeannette via Lindsey @ The Pleated Poppy. I'm having a hard time getting back into the swing of regular blogging, between the craziness of trying to get the house in order, some boy drama (past, not present), getting Dozer settled in, and just generally trying not to go nuts from it all... I though this would be a good, simple way to get at least one post a week out and keep things sort of updated... Especially since I STILL can't find my camera. I actually have two cameras and both seem to have gone on walkabout. Gah.

I did some shopping at Homegoods on Tuesday and couldn't help taking a pic of me with my new fabulous Kate Spade purse! (Which I totally shouldn't have bought, seeing as I can barely afford my house as it is...)
But I figure it all balances out, really. That skirt is about 6 years old and it's from New York and Company, the T is Old Navy, and the sandals are from TJ Maxx.

My mom, J, and I hit up the Gypsy Caravan on Monday. I was pretty disappointed and thought last years wares were much more impressive. I did manage to get one shot of a fab booth.
I really wish I had picked up some of those purple bottles, but I forgot to bring cash! Ridiculous, I know. I am a terrible flea market, thrift shopper. I felt silly asking to borrow money for some old, dirty bottles... Neither of them fully appreciate dingy, crap quite like G did...

Dozer is officially a resident in our new home. I picked up his crate on Tuesday. I think he'll be plenty happy here.

My parents wanted to know how Dozer and the new boy were getting along...
I think a picture is truly worth a thousand words in this case.

What random scenes have you captured on your phone camera lately?