Friday, May 7, 2010

Parental Kitchen Remodel: Potential

Starting from scratch on a remodel is always tough. Tougher still when your brain is constantly wracked with indecision and the knowledge that you may come to regret any decision that you eventually make. Imagine these are the thoughts you are plagued with every minute of every day for the rest of your life... Yeah, that's what it's like be a member of my freaky little clan. 

So, you are beginning a kitchen remodel. 

Do you choose dark wood cabinets?

Or light wood cabinets?

Or white cabinets?

Or cherry wood?

Or something fun and funky?

What about appliances? 

Do you pick white?


Panelled to match the cabinetry?

What about the floor?

Matched to the entry and living areas?

Tile floor?


Herringbone? (Yum)

Checkerboard? (My Fave)

What about the island?



Simple table as island?

With Seating?


What are your thoughts on beginning a project from scratch?

Hilarious kid!

I can't get the video to embed. Youll have to follow the link, but it's totally worth it. This kid is awesome.

Anyone else notice dad racing past the camera in his bikini skivvies? Disturbing.