Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So I was reading(lurking) {freckles chick}'s blog and clicked a link to this website. They have a Look for Less section that is brilliant. You know sometimes your reading a mag and they have those sections where they show you a beautiful pair of $1000 "splurge" shoes, then go "here's a steal!" and show you a really shitty, $20 payless version? Well, this is the total opposite. The "steals" are just a fab, sometimes better, than the original. And while they still may not be thrift store budget, they are considerably more reasonable.

I am drooling all over my desk for this piece:

Only $187.78 with discounts here. The discount is apparently automatic at checkout.

I know this piece is a little questionable by itself, but you have to put it in context. My fiance's family is from Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, where the favorite pastimes are high school football and hunting. Now he is not a hunter, thank god, but the rest of his family lives for it. They shoot things from their front porch. Seriously. His 8 year old nephew has already been inducted and wants to kill anything that moves. It's disturbing to say the least. Anyway, his parents had a pair of mounted steer horns in their basement and they were going to get rid of them, but they belonged to his grandfather and I couldn't let them toss 'em. So, we have steer horns in our living room above the arched doorway to the dining room. Classy, right?

It gets better. The only time Mr. ever went hunting, when he was 15, he killed a yearling. His father had the horns mounted. Of course, I couldn't allow these to languish in their basement either, so they are mounted on the opoosite wall of the living room above his chair.

THEN Mr. found a shed antler, this is when they fall off naturally, at on of his work sites and, of course, brought it home. So it lives on an antique side table in the dining room.

So, in conclusion, I think this mirror will really tie together all the random dead stuff in our house. And seeing how all of it is a.) an antique, b.) a replica, or c.) fell off on its own, I don't feel bad when looking at it. Plus, my couch is leather so, really, where do you draw the line?