Thursday, July 15, 2010

Quick Change Operation

Way back in March, I spray painted the handles on our media cabinet silver. I wasn't super-happy with it and Sara admitted she didn't like the look either (I love an honest opinion).



After After

Sorry the last detail pic is so fuzzy. I didn't want to use the flash and I apparently cannot hold still long enough for the camera to shoot without it. Meh. And they actually still look silvertoned in the close-up photo, but they're not. I sprayed them with everybody's favorite metal tone fix-all: Oil-Rubbed Bronze. I wasn't crazy about the spray paint itself and the way it sprayed, but the finish is nice and the tone is much more complementary to the wood finish. I had planned on painting this piece, but at the rate I work I don't expect to get to it until next year sometime. LOL

So what do we think? An improvement?