Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dare to DIY Blog Party: Week #6

It's Week #6 for the Dare to DIY Blog Party over at the Newly Woodwards and this weeks theme is: Dare to... Have Traditions!

Dare to DIY

The Mister and I don't really have any personal, household traditions. Hell, this year we didn't even buy each other presents. Between all the projects we've had around the house and his overtime, we haven't even left the house together (besides family destinations) for... umm... maybe 6 months? I don't know, maybe more. Point is, we haven't been anywhere to wander around and point and say "Oh, I'd like that" or "Oooh, pretty". So he has no idea what to get me. Whatevs. Hopefully sometime after the holidays we'll get out and have a chance to wander around town a bit.

Anyway, our traditions boil down to where we spend Christmas. We usually go to my brother and S-I-L's for an immediate family Christmas the day before Christmas Eve.
Hey, she did the ribbon-wrapping-thing last year!

We go to his mom's on Christmas Eve.

And then we go to my grandparents on Christmas day.

This year is going to be a little different because my uncle isn't coming in from Kentucky until the day AFTER Christmas this year. So we're going to have FIVE days of Christmas... I've already told the Mr. he can sit a few out if he wants to, that's a lot of socializing. 

So this year the plan is: S-I-L's the day before Christmas Eve, his mom's on Christmas Eve, my aunt's on Christmas Day (just because it's Christmas), my grandmother's the day after Christmas (when we will actually be opening presents) and again the day after that...

The day after Christmas will probably also be the day we light the alcohol on fire!
My favorite tradition... Read more about it here.