Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Container Garden

My hesitation and confusion with blogging in the last couple years has been due to the fact that so much has gone on that I have not blogged about that almost anything I say seems to need a backstory, which I just don't have the energy or the determination to put down in words everytime.

Until I get back into the swing of things, I'm just going to post fairly brief updates. Heavy on the photos. If you have any content or "life" questions, ask.

This is what the porch at the "new house" looked like before I set everything up:

Here's my container garden this year:

I've got 4 varieties of tomatoes, 2 peppers, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and broccoli.
The varieties of cabbage are not doing well, I had little worms and some sort of aphids that pretty much destroyed them. I got rid of the pests with soapy water, but the plants aren't bouncing back well.
The Currant Sweet Pea Tomatoes are doing very well:

They were the first to flower and the first to fruit, but nothing has ripened yet. I thought maybe I'd gotten a weird variety that didn't turn red, so I ate one. Ugh!! Nope, not ripe. Don't try that at home. Icky.
Looking good! These were actually the last to start flowering, but they're really coming in nice now.
I'm excited for these to ripen!! My mom is going to be vexed at the concept of my growing a white tomato and I find that concept entertaining.

I'm not sure what's wrong with these, but they look more like peppers than tomatoes. They're fuzzy and pointed and super hard and every last one of them seems to be rotting at the bottom pointy end. Just weird.

Yum, yummy! These are looking great!
Sweet Chocolate Bell Pepper:
I don't like Bell Peppers, but the boyfriend does, so these are just for him...
I just love the little chalkboard signs I bought from Pick Your Plum. They're really cute and fun and add an extra little detail!
Next year we have big plans for a "real" garden, finance permitting. We'll see.
What are you growing this year?

Monday, August 12, 2013

Short List - Update

So I said I'd get back into the swing of blogging regularly. I lied.

Here's the list I present back in June with an update on what I've actually accomplished:
  • Paint a bench for the foyer (I found it in the garage, score)
    • DONE!!! I painted it black. Actually I painted it Beluga by Behr, cause it was leftover from the kitchen at my house. I was also apologizing for my absense in that post. Shocker.
  • Paint and maybe add a little sparkle to some coat hooks I ordered for the foyer
    • DONE. And sparkled. LOVE.
  • Repack some items that will go in the china cabinet that has yet to be relocated to the foyer (K unpacked a multitude of boxes one night, in a fit of insomnia, and my trinkets and pretties have been cluttering the kitchen countertops for weeks now, driving me slowly insane.)
    • DONE and undone.
  • Move china cabinet from the basement storage area to the foyer
    • DONE. The china cabinet has been moved. It is still dated and ugly. BUT he did agree to let me paint it. WIN! I'm thinking white with a black glaze to bring out the funky details.
  • Paper/decorate back wall of the china cabinet (he won't let me paint it and it's depressingly dated)
    • DONE. Man, I really suck at taking pictures step-by-step (day by day. Name that show for ten points), eh? I have a tendency to think in all or nothing.
  • Possibly get new hardware for the china cabinet(?)
    • Not gonna happen. It's got that heavy duty, super-70's hardware, but the hardware fits it. So I guess I can cross this off, since I'm not going to do it. Score.
  • Unpack and position items in the china cabinet, along with some of K's things
    • Not DONE, but doneish. Things are going to move around, but it looks ok for now.
  • Paint curtain rods in the master bedroom
    • DONE! Hey, I actually have accomplished things! I don't give myself enough credit for the little things I do get done.
  • Iron and hang curtains in the master bedroom
    • DONE enough. I didn't iron them, but I did hang them damp and they have that linen-ey look to them anyway, so a little wrinkle just adds texture, right? Right? ;)
  • Eventually remount curtain hardware in the master bedroom higher and wider
    • Not even remotely DONE. That would involve new anchors and I don't know where the wall paint is and if K notices huge holes in the wall from shoved in anchors, he may kill me. But I could just not shove them in and leave them and they'll be covered by the curtains. Hmmm... Next time he's out, I'll have to whip out the drill. Except I don't know where that is either. wop, wop Moving into someone else's already established home is hard.
  • Try out the paint dipped trend on the hall table I painted back in 2011
    • Nope. But I'm trying to decide if I want to do it to the hall table OR the leopard print chair with the gold gimp trim that sits next to it. Everything can't have gold feet... Unfortunately.
  • Dismantle and "remantle" my Expedit shelving unit in "my" bedroom upstairs (the unit is too big to fit up the staircase, it needs to be taken up in pieces. I am lazy. Shocker.)
    • Eh. Giant FAIL. I can't really do this alone. And someone else is busy with his own stuff.
But hey! HEY! 9 out of 12 ain't bad, right? Fo sho. I'm feeling pretty accomplished right now, actually. Now I need to go home and take some AFTER pics so I can show you my handiwork, cause we all know we only read blogs for the pictures. ;)