Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall-ish Decorations

I am not a vignette person. I tend to lean towards using things where it seems practical, useful, and functional. Like books in a bookcase, for instance, organized in a way you can actually tell what you've got...

My abilities to put together a cohesive themed display are zilch, nada, zippo, BIG FAT GOOSE EGG! But I am trying. Here are some recent attempts at fall decorating.

Our mantle is huge, so decorating it without making it look cluttered or sparse is a little difficult.

Mr. bought me the skull from Z Gallerie for my birthday a few years ago. It's a clock!

It doesn't keep time, but I think it's awesome.

The Mister made this little rosebush. I've got a few more of them sprinkled around the house.

This is just one of my beloved Bath & Body candles that I wrapped in twine. And some free acorns from the back patio.

I found these little guys at Marshalls. I went in there looking for something completely different, but I saw these and got so excited I bought them and practically skipped out the door. I didn't remember I had been there for something else for two days! I am a sucker for anything "glam" that's skull themed. The skull clock actually sits on out mantle year round. After we moved in, I put it up and Mister said "Now it feels like home". LMAO.

The acorn candle is from Bath & Body too. Isn't it precious? I haven't actually lit it yet, it seems too perfect to actually use. lol (oh, speaking of "lol": The Mr. is obsessed with the vehicle classifieds on Craigslist. He looks at the classic cars and trucks every night before bed and then again in the morning while he drinks his coffee. He saw a particular ad for some little 1970's sedan and the guy had written "It's just not my style, lol". He turns to me and says "What's lol mean? Little old lady?" um. yeah. sure. whatever you say dude.) My mom bought me the squirrel years ago when I was living in an apartment that had a tree outside the balcony. The squirrels would come sit by my door. Then one day I came home and they were cutting down my tree! I was crushed.

The hall table. Two vine pumpkins, another candle, a vase my parents brought back from Ireland, and the first purchased flowers I've had in the house since this ill fated day. (Looking back at that post makes me realize just how far our house has come.)

The skull and the key were just laying around in the basement, so I threw them up there too.

I finally got the pictures up in the dining room last weekend. I ended up drilling holes and hanging them. The velcro hanging strips just make me nervous. (Funny insert here: I was just about to type "even though they are holding well in our bedroom after I fixed the last problem", then I happened to glance over at them and now the bottom one is missing! Good thing I left the laundry basket there.)

I bought a bag of these skulls at T.J. Maxx for like ten bucks. Mister asked "When did Halloween go from scary to Michal Jackson?" Whatevs. I think they're fun.
Do you have a phobia? Spiders? Snakes? Babies? Mine is zombies. I have a plan for what to do when zombies attack. Not a full blown "I'm stocking food and distilled water in case hell overflows and the dead walk the earth" kind of plan, but a plan nonetheless. I have nightmares about zombies. Even though I haven't watched a zombie movie in over four years (Mister HATES horror flicks). I did make him watch Legion, though. Have you seen the movie Legion? Um, zombies by any other name... Nothing is freakier than mixing God with zombies. Anywho, my mom bought this book for me a couple of Christmases ago. I thought this was perfect time to bring it out.

The rest of the skulls, three little pumpkins I found at the grocery store (which totally complement the rug, BTW), and a welcome plaque with gargoyles on it (which used to hang on my apartment door. Why, oh why, didn't my neighbor talk to me?)

Have you decorated for Fall/Halloween yet? 

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