Monday, August 12, 2013

Short List - Update

So I said I'd get back into the swing of blogging regularly. I lied.

Here's the list I present back in June with an update on what I've actually accomplished:
  • Paint a bench for the foyer (I found it in the garage, score)
    • DONE!!! I painted it black. Actually I painted it Beluga by Behr, cause it was leftover from the kitchen at my house. I was also apologizing for my absense in that post. Shocker.
  • Paint and maybe add a little sparkle to some coat hooks I ordered for the foyer
    • DONE. And sparkled. LOVE.
  • Repack some items that will go in the china cabinet that has yet to be relocated to the foyer (K unpacked a multitude of boxes one night, in a fit of insomnia, and my trinkets and pretties have been cluttering the kitchen countertops for weeks now, driving me slowly insane.)
    • DONE and undone.
  • Move china cabinet from the basement storage area to the foyer
    • DONE. The china cabinet has been moved. It is still dated and ugly. BUT he did agree to let me paint it. WIN! I'm thinking white with a black glaze to bring out the funky details.
  • Paper/decorate back wall of the china cabinet (he won't let me paint it and it's depressingly dated)
    • DONE. Man, I really suck at taking pictures step-by-step (day by day. Name that show for ten points), eh? I have a tendency to think in all or nothing.
  • Possibly get new hardware for the china cabinet(?)
    • Not gonna happen. It's got that heavy duty, super-70's hardware, but the hardware fits it. So I guess I can cross this off, since I'm not going to do it. Score.
  • Unpack and position items in the china cabinet, along with some of K's things
    • Not DONE, but doneish. Things are going to move around, but it looks ok for now.
  • Paint curtain rods in the master bedroom
    • DONE! Hey, I actually have accomplished things! I don't give myself enough credit for the little things I do get done.
  • Iron and hang curtains in the master bedroom
    • DONE enough. I didn't iron them, but I did hang them damp and they have that linen-ey look to them anyway, so a little wrinkle just adds texture, right? Right? ;)
  • Eventually remount curtain hardware in the master bedroom higher and wider
    • Not even remotely DONE. That would involve new anchors and I don't know where the wall paint is and if K notices huge holes in the wall from shoved in anchors, he may kill me. But I could just not shove them in and leave them and they'll be covered by the curtains. Hmmm... Next time he's out, I'll have to whip out the drill. Except I don't know where that is either. wop, wop Moving into someone else's already established home is hard.
  • Try out the paint dipped trend on the hall table I painted back in 2011
    • Nope. But I'm trying to decide if I want to do it to the hall table OR the leopard print chair with the gold gimp trim that sits next to it. Everything can't have gold feet... Unfortunately.
  • Dismantle and "remantle" my Expedit shelving unit in "my" bedroom upstairs (the unit is too big to fit up the staircase, it needs to be taken up in pieces. I am lazy. Shocker.)
    • Eh. Giant FAIL. I can't really do this alone. And someone else is busy with his own stuff.
But hey! HEY! 9 out of 12 ain't bad, right? Fo sho. I'm feeling pretty accomplished right now, actually. Now I need to go home and take some AFTER pics so I can show you my handiwork, cause we all know we only read blogs for the pictures. ;)

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the cape on the corner said...

duuuude! you rocked that shit. I have yet to "dip" something but I still want to.