Thursday, June 20, 2013

Vince Camuto Rocks My World.

I love Vince Camuto. I adore the colors that he uses, the cut of the clothing, the basic-turned-up-a-notch designs of his shoes. Yummy... I have multiple pairs of his shoes that I wear all the time. They're great and surprisingly comfortable.

Point being, I ran across these beauties last night while I was returning something at Macy's and after trying them on, I just could not leave without them. Even though I have no money right now. I even paid full price for them, less the 20% off coupon I convinced her to give me. Again, even though I'm a broke-azz biotch.

Vince Camuto 'Altman' Sandal

At first glance they are flashy and over the top, but when you put them on, they are really subtle. At least the black and nude-ish ones are. The turquoise and hot pink ones are a bit much. lol

I wasn't 100% sold on keeping them, simply for the fact that they are only a 7 and I wear a 7.5. The salesgirl did her best to convince me they fit, which they do, my feet don't hang off the back or anything, but I just wasn't convinced they'd be comfortable to walk around in all day without that extra half-size.

Today I was looking at the sale page for shoes at Nordstrom and as it turns out they have them for 60% off! In a 7.5! In black! So I made them mine. And I will be taking back the 7's. Sorry Macy's.

Awesome. I love it when something comes together. Funny thing is? They're actually on sale on Macy's website, too. For significantly less than the original retail price. The girl told me they only had the one pair of 7's in black because they had been an internet return. So they put them back on the floor at full-price, even though they are onsale on the website. Well played Macy's. But not well enough.

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