Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Etsy Crazy!

My cousin is turning 18(!) on February 18th!

(Second from the left)

(That's Mister's bike)

She loves fashion and she's funky and eclectic. Remember I told you she made her own dress for Thanksgiving?

I got her a book on sewing knits and the Sartorialist, which she saw on my coffee table and started looking at when she came over and I wasn't paying attention, so at least I know she'll like it!! And she loves headbands, so I decided to get her a fun headband from Etsy. It took me days to make a decision, there are so many fun options... I love Etsy! Here is the one I finally picked:


Pretty, right? I hope she likes it! 

While I was looking at stuff for her, I found stuff for me to! Etsy's going to be my downfall...

Pretty Thistle Birds Pillow Cover

Cotton Pink Pillow Covers (Pair)

I also bought some prints for the Living Room. I want to do a gallery wall behind the TV console, just as soon as I decide what color to spray my frames: white or silver? What do you think? 


Kelly said...

Silver..and those pillows and headband are adorable!

Eileen said...

Etsy crazy...ME, TOO! :)
Oh my goodness ~ I love those pillows! That headband is beautiful!
I'm a little late on this post...which did you choose...white or silver?