Monday, October 19, 2009

Laundry Room

I don't have a "Laundry Room" per se. I have a wall of the basement that houses the washer and dryer, the washtubs, and the pump for the cistern. We inherited a washer and dryer with the house. The washer was probably from the late 70's/early 80's, but the dryer was original to the house. Yup, our dryer was almost 60 years old! Holy crap. I didn't even realize that until I just did the math. It was a condensation dryer, which basically means it got the clothes so hot that the water evaporated out of them and pooled in a tray underneath, which them had to be emptied. Not good for our clothes, and not good for me. Or our energy bill.

While the general attractiveness of the basement has not changed, my new washer and dryer pretty it up a bit.

Mmmm... lovely. I had a massive mountain of clothing to do and within two days of getting these bad boys, I was done!! Now I feel like I have already posted about this but I cannot find it.  So, I guess you will just have to see my lovelies again... They were waaaayy too expensive, but they get the laundry done quickly, they look fab, and they do anything I could ever need them to do. (Besides fold my clothes and put them away.)

And speaking of putting clothes away - I finally got our dresser together last week and look what is now displayed on top of it.

He kept it under the bed at our old house, cause we had carpet. Now we have hardwood floors and he is afraid it will scratch the floor. What about my lovely new dresser? The floor can be buffed out. My cheap IKEA goodness probably can't. I already took a few small chunks out of the front corner of the end-of-the-bed bench thingie when the top for the dresser fell and I didn't catch it in time. Grr. Back to the shotgun though, doesn't it look lovely there? Classy, right? Wouldn't you like a paranoid old man of your very own?

I also started on a project this weekend, but it's not finished yet. Here's a sneak peek.


Kelly said...

Super jealous of your snazzy new washer and dryer!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I'm drooling over your washer and dryer. so nice.

SweDaisy said...

Oooh shinny appliances :) If only we could make one to fold them too, I agree ;)

I love the new dresser. Is is the Malm from IKEA? We had 2 3 drawer units and we repurposed them as "built in's" in the nursery closet.

Take care,

Joi said...

Ditto to Kim's comment!